Wise Produce and Proteins is a farm focused on sustainable agriculture. Animals and plants are given the chance to function in a symbiotic relationship in order to bring back fertility and stability. The livestock often work together much like their wild counterparts. Poultry and herbivores maintain a working relationship, providing one another with benefits that they would otherwise be without if not for this relationship. Chickens and turkeys scratch through dung and work it into the soil while also removing potentially irritating fly larva. Chickens will even pick ice and snow off the backs of the sheep.

WPP focuses on ethical and responsible agriculture. Animals are given the chance to express their natural instincts and when processing time comes, they are treated with respect and kindness just as they were from the moment they joined the farm. Every animal is treated as an individual and treated with minimal use of medicines and only when necessary. They are given foods that align with their biology such as raw leafy greens for the cows and sheep, apples and root vegetables for the pigs, and garden waste like overripe tomatoes and cucumbers for the poultry.

Plants are provided their nutrients naturally, from compost made on the farm or from other local farms. WPP avoids the use of plastics whenever possible, choosing mulches made from cardboard, shredded paper, straw, and wood chips. Only natural products made from soil microbes, plants, or beneficial bacteria are used to decrease the number of pests. Crops are weeded by hand and pests are often removed by hand as well.

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