May Happenings

What a busy month it is!  Everything is finally planted and growing at long last.  The garden is packed full of plants and seeds attempting to rise to the surface.  Now comes the part where I keep them in the clear by watering them and keeping the weeds and bugs away.  I’ve been updating the links in the availability section so that you can see the pictures and descriptions of the items that I’m selling.  Right now, Romaine lettuce and Radishes are for sale, alongside the Horseradish and Eggs that are always available.

Jane, the little mixed silkie chick that was hatched last month will be six weeks old tomorrow.  If you would like to see some pictures, check the facebook page.  Hopefully on thursday the five Easter Egger chicks will arrive.  I’m excited to see what they look like.  If everything works as planned, they will be given to one of the broody chickens who hatched last year’s clutch, named “Salt.”

After scouting out a few markets and debating the options, I’ve decided to go to the Millersville Farmers Market.  This market runs through October near Millersville University.  It is every Wednesday night from 4-8pm.  Each week has a theme and special focus.  This coming Wednesday, for instance, is the Wellness Fair.  June sixth is the Strawberry Festival and on August 22nd, it is the Summer Garden Party.  If you would like more information, you can check out their facebook in the link above or contact me to see what I’ll selling each week.


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