2019/2020 Winter CSA

It’s almost that time, when vegetables are scarce, but meat is still in full supply; when comfort food is craved and soups are on the stove. The summer may be over, but your CSA doesn’t have to end here. You can still get the delicious, healthy, grass-fed meats and eggs your body needs all winter long. So here’s the scoop on the winter CSA.

Since all meats are already frozen and getting up on a cold Saturday and heading out the door isn’t exactly the most enjoyable part of winter, deliveries will occur every 4 weeks November through May. That way you can spend more Saturdays sleeping in and dreaming about soups and roasts, and bacon and eggs.

Like the summer CSA, there will be some options for the winter CSA as well. You can include meats as well as eggs or just the meat. You can choose from pork, chicken, lamb, and rabbit. Every month you will get a variety of meats and some items to make some excellent and nutritious broth such as soup bones or chicken torsos. You will also get a pork roast or whole chicken.

Here’s what a winter CSA drop might look like for one month:
1 Whole chicken
2 bags of drumstick or thighs
2 lb of bacon
2 packs of sausage
2 Chicken torsos

Another month might look like this:
1 Pork roast
4 Chicken breasts
2 Packs of pork chops
1 Bag of beef bones
1 Pack of lamb chops

Every delivery will be different so you don’t have to worry about getting bored or making the same things constantly. As you can see, from one month to the next, no two items are the same. If you are interested in getting eggs as well, you can choose from 2 or 4 dozen. If a single share just isn’t enough, you can double it and save even more money!

A single meat share for the winter is $300 and you’ll have 7 total deliveries through the winter. A double share is $575. To add eggs to your share, it is an additional total of $35 for 2 dozen in each drop or $65 for 4 dozen in each drop. So a single meat share with 2 dozen eggs per month would be a total cost of $335. Or a double share with 4 dozen eggs per month would cost $640.

Buying all these meats and eggs individually for a single share with 2 dozen eggs would cost over $375. That’s a saving of at least $40. When it comes to meat this good and this good FOR you, you aren’t going to want to miss out! As always, recipes will be included so you can try out some new things and maybe learn to make your own broth too if that’s not something you’ve done before!

  • Small Meat Share…………………….$300
  • Small Meat Share W/ 2 Eggs……$335
  • Small Meat Share W/ 4 Eggs……$365
  • Large Meat Share…………………….$575
  • Large Meat Share W/ 2 Eggs……$610
  • Large Meat Share W/ 4 Eggs……$640


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