Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

I know it has been just over a month since I last shared a new blog post and the last post wasn’t the most uplifting. I did not intend to go silent, but between lambing and getting everything ready for planting and now our present reality of dealing with an invisible, yet dangerous force of nature, life has been taking me for a ride. It is never a bad ride! Just a ride, with ups, downs, and crazy turns and loops!

I’ve written about that being one of the things that keeps me farming…no dull days! Whether it is a good day or a bad day or a busy day, it’s never boring, never just mundane. This spring has been that for certain. Lambing started beautifully, but quickly became a different lambing season entirely, before wrapping up with a final gorgeous little ewe lamb. Talk about a ride!

The hens started laying eggs once the warmth hit and the days got a little longer again. The grass is finally starting to grow, as are my seedlings both indoors and out! It’s good to see the garlic making its way through the straw to find the sun. Chicks arrived just this morning and I know before too long, they’ll be out on that wonderful green grass, which is showing just how much it needed the help of chicken fertilizer all last summer; it is green and growing in thick!

While all these things are going so well, it has been difficult to turn to the news and see the hard reality of what is happening all around us. This invisible thing, Covid-19, has taken hold of the world. It has our full attention like an alien invasion. I wish I had solutions in a world full of uncertainty, but it simply isn’t realistic for us all to find shelter in the woods or in the middle of the ocean. We are a connected people, and I’ve seen how difficult it is for us to steer clear of one another, even though we must.

The world is quickly changing right in front of us and I am seeking to do what little I can in my tiny corner to be part of the change for good. I started my CSA (food subscription delivery service-Community Supported Agriculture) last year and didn’t ever think about how it could serve to help keep potentially high risk populations safer. Now that Covid-19 has hit the scene, it’s at the forefront of my mind.

I want Wise Produce and Proteins to be a light in the darkness in whatever way I best can make it. Food delivery, in this moment, seems to be one of the better avenues to help keep people safer. I am committed to continuing to produce safe and healthy food to nourish your family and keep you and yours out of the grocery stores as much as possible. We may find that we limit trips to the store for the rest of our lives, buying in bulk more often so we can go less often.

Getting a delivery from WPP means that you don’t have to come into contact with other people. You can pay upfront or via an online service and never worry about dealing in cash that has been touched by hundreds (thousands?) of hands. Like I’ve said before, I am a one woman operation: I’m the only person who touches your food from planting to delivery. I am committed to safe food handling practices and intend to keep it that way and even make it better if I possibly can!

During the uncertain times of life, you can be certain that your food is healthy and safe. Why go with a meal delivery service that has numerous people handling your food before you get it? Go with a delivery service where you know exactly who touched your food and how it was handled! You can ask questions and even come see the operation yourself, rather than wondering how your food was handled and how many different people touched it all before it reached your door.


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