Who is behind “Wise Produce,” you ask?  Mostly, it’s just one person.  My name is Lauren and I am the owner of Wise Produce as well as the only employee.  I have a mixed flock of chickens, turkeys, and ducks that provide delicious and wholesome eggs.  They spend their time in the pasture with the sheep and cattle keeping the insect population to a minimum.  Wise Produce is expanding to new products constantly and has ventured in the direction of the CSA model.

My mission at Wise Produce is to provide you with all natural, healthy, heirloom produce.  I’m working towards this goal by not using harsh chemicals for fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide and instead utilize alternative methods that contribute to the health of the land and the produce.  The livestock do their part while I use methods such as mulching with leaves, newspaper, and grass clippings to keep down weeds and provide nutrients, composting kitchen scraps and manure, and managing weeds by hand and hoe.  In this way, nature can step back up to the plate and begin working harder so I don’t have to work against her.


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