CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and it is essentially a subscription for local farm-fresh food. Purchasing a CSA share means that you join with WPP in the successes and failures of each season, whether there is a bounty or a particular crop fails that season. You will receive a mix of the produce that is available depending on the type of share you sign up for. There are a number of options and two sizes (2 and 4 person shares) available depending on the season. Prices are dependent upon the size of the share chosen.

Summer Shares

  • Full Share: Selection of meat, eggs, and in-season vegetables
  • Veg Only Share: The vegetarian option.
  • Veg/Egg Share: In-season vegetables and eggs.
  • Meat/Veg Share: Just meat and vegetables, no eggs.
2 Person Shares
Full Share: $750
Vegetable and Meat: $700
Vegetable and Egg: $500
Vegetable Only: $450
4 Person Shares
Full Share: $1,400
Vegetable and Meat: $1,300
Vegetable and Eggs: $950
Vegetable Only: $850

Winter Shares

  • Meat Only: Monthly box of a variety of meats including pork, chicken, beef, lamb, and rabbit. You choose which meats you want included.
  • Meat and egg: Additional option of 2-4 dozen eggs in the monthly box.