Red and Blue Potatoes?

That’s right, not just on the outside, but the inside too.  This year I’m growing four kinds of potatoes.  You may not have heard of any of these four, but I promise you, they are delicious and very cool.  Here are the varieties with descriptions from Seed Savers Exchange, where I purchased the seed potatoes.

All Blue: Deep blue skin and blue flesh with a thin white line just under the skin.  A good choice for baking and frying, excellent for making colorful chips.  When boiled, the color turns to a light blue.  High mineral content, good keeper.

Nicola: A German potato with low glycemic level.  Uniform medium-large oblong tubers have smooth yellow skin and light yellow flesh.  Firm waxy texture is excellent for boiling and salads.

Mountain Rose: Medium to extra large tubers with smooth brilliant red skin.  Light red swirled flesh is moist, non-waxy, and retains its color after cooking.  A versatile potato that is good for chips, fries, mashing, or an attractive potato salad.

La Ratte: Long prized by French chefs as a top quality fingerling.  We cannot recommend this variety highly enough, an absolute delight to cook with.  Long uniform tubers, yellow flesh with firm waxy texture and a nice nutty flavor holds together very well.  Especially good for potato salad or as a boiled potato.

Expect some delicious potatoes in early July!


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